Outsource Your IT Staff

outsourced it staff
outsourced it staff
outsourced it staff

Depending on the size and scope of your company, you may need more IT staff than just one "computer guy."

Outsourced IT Manager can evaluate your specific IT staff needs to fill multiple roles effectively and cost-efficiently.

IT Managers

Dedicated full or part-time IT Managers work onsite to address any and all technology-related issues. It's like having an in-house IT staff, but without the overhead of health benefits, workers’ comp or paid vacation.

We perform proactive maintenance to ensure a stable network, including data backup checking, anti-virus, spam and resolving user issues. In turn, we're can communicate and plan properly, so we may make recommendations to improve network and user productivity. We are also able to provide services such as strategic technology planning, major network changes, upgrades or migrations. We will submit a proposal geared toward your company’s goals and budget for any large projects your network may require. Project rates and pricing are subject to project size and complexity and are designed to be affordable.

Network Administrators

Network Administrators perform regularly scheduled maintenance on your computer infrastructure to ensure a stable, productive network.

This regular attention and preventative maintenance benefits your computer and network infrastructure, reducing chance of failure and increasing longevity. Network Admins run regular trials of your backup and disaster recovery procedures to ensure effective performance suitable to your needs.  Due to the increased familiarity with your network, your Network Admin can multi-task and resolve issues in less time. As a result, your staff can depend on faster response times to resolve any issues that may arise.

Industry Specialists

We know that different industries have unique IT needs. That's why we train each of our technicians in the finer points of industry-specific software, security, and network infrastructure. We’re well-attuned to the culture and expectations of industries such as legal, financial, architecture, healthcare and non-profit.

Outsourced IT Manager specialists bring over 12 years of experience working with the specific software and applications commonly used in your field. Industry Software specialists help with licensing, setup, maintenance and migrations involving business software.  We know QuickBooks®, LexisNexus®, Time Matters®, Billing Matters®, Tabs3®, Worldox®, Amicus Attorney®, Microsoft SharePoint®, Equitrac® print management software and many others. Industry Network Specialists help with web and Exchange hosting, archival of emails and texts, website filtering and general IT support.