With IT Services from Outsourced IT Manager, you’ll get an onsite full-time or part-time IT Manager, or a combination of IT staff on a hybrid plan to cover your business’s unique needs. Dedicated IT Managers work in your office to address any and all technology-related issues. Outsourced/In-Office. It’s just like having in-house IT staff, but without the overhead and administrative workload of managing health benefits, workers’ comp, and paid vacation! In addition to your dedicated IT Manager, you’ll have coverage when your tech is out, access to resources and periodic meetings with a CTO to plan for your future IT needs.

OITM Services

We perform proactive maintenance to ensure a stable network, including data backup checking, anti-virus, spam blocking and resolving user issues. In addition, we may make recommendations to improve network and user productivity. We are also able to provide services such as strategic technology planning, major network changes, upgrades and migrations as separate projects. We will submit a proposal geared toward your company’s goals and budget for any large projects your network may require. Project rates and pricing are subject to project size and complexity and are designed to be affordable.

“It’s just like having in-house IT staff, but without the overhead and administrative workload!”

Supplemented by Remote Support

While most of our office support is done onsite at the business, satellite offices and cloud-based services require fast and reliable remote computer support. In addition, remote support is provided if you call or request support after-hours. Call and you’ll get a live person immediately. We can troubleshoot your connection, help you with an application error, or answer any type of IT question. We are even able to perform quick server maintenance and troubleshoot many user issues without an onsite visit. Of course, we will always call or email to notify you of any network and server maintenance, and we’ll ask about open issues you may be having.

How many IT staff? Full-time, Part-time or Hybrid?

Like most businesses, your business relies on technology. How many IT Support Staff does your company need to support the business? It depends. There are several factors that should be considered including the number of users, the type of business you’re operating, the complexity of your environment and the applications you use. You might benefit from a hybrid plan if you need IT Specialists for specialty tech services, cloud hosting services or industry specific software. You might need only a part-time tech if your business has fewer than 40 users. Outsourced IT Manager can evaluate your company’s IT needs to determine if you need a full-time or part-time IT Manager, or if you need more than one IT staff member or an IT Specialist. We can fill multiple roles effectively and cost-efficiently.

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