Do you find that your in-house tech does not have enough work to keep busy? Smaller companies, those with under 40 users, probably don’t need full-time IT Support. A part-time IT Manager is just what you need! Hence, we offer a part-time option with customized plans including 20-30 hours/week in office supplemented by remote help.

Here’s what you get with your part-time IT Manager!

An IT Manager will be onsite part-time, for specified hours 20-30 hours per week, just like a regular staff member. In addition, remote help desk provides coverage when you part-time IT Manager is out. Furthermore, in-house coverage for planned days off for your part-time tech is also an option. Along with onsite and remote support, quarterly CTO meetings offer senior level experience and a much larger skill set to plan and evaluate your IT needs.

Part-time IT Managers work onsite to address any and all technology-related issues. IT Managers manage all aspects of your company’s IT Support including IT Management, Network Administration, desktop support, configuring equipment, proactive maintenance, security, backups and updates. In-house services are supplemented by remote help desk, consulting services, and additional resources as needed. Hybrid contracts can add specialty IT services as well.

The onsite support of your part-time IT Manager is supplemented by backup coverage if your tech is out, access to a team of resources, and meetings with a CTO to plan for your future IT needs. A single part-time IT admin (direct hire) could not provide all that!


Do you need specialized tech services?

Does your company need techs who specialize in unique hardware and software used in specific industries?

Add on these services provided by our IT Specialists!