Remote support is used to troubleshoot issues, to run diagnostics, to cover when your tech is out, and to support remote workers. Remote help desk techs use software to remotely access users’ computers while providing phone support to the users. While most of our office support is done onsite at the business, remote techs provide much needed additional support. We understand that technology and application support for different industries is unique, and that downtime is not an option.

When your tech is out

Remote support is designed to supplement your OITM in-house IT Manager. Your staff still need IT support when your IT Manager is out of the office, such as for sick or vacation time or for a conference. In addition, your staff could need assistance with tech issues when they are working late or in a different time zone, and your dedicated tech has already left for the day. If you call or request support when your tech is out, you’ll get a live person to troubleshoot user issues and perform quick server maintenance. Remote help desk techs can troubleshoot your connection, help you with an application error, and answer your IT questions.

For satellite offices and remote workers

In addition, remote support is ideal for satellite offices and for staff working from home. Your remote workers can access company documents through a VPN. They can work with staff in the main office through video conferencing and messaging platforms. For remote workers, a secure internet connection is important and security protocols need to be in place. With this in mind, access to remote help desk is the solution to keep their technology working so that they can continue working.


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