Our Outsourced/In-Office model combines the best of both the traditional in-house IT employee and an MSP. We created Outsourced IT Manager to fill a void in outsourced consulting and IT support. Our company provides a new, fully customizable type of IT management and network administration for businesses with 25-100 employees. Why us? You get more than an in-house IT Manager – for less!

Issues with a Direct-hire In-House IT Manager

Having only one IT employee as a direct hire has issues. Certainly, one person can’t work around the clock. That person needs time off for vacation, sick time and training (if that person gets training at all), and that leaves your business without IT support on those days.

Furthermore, an onsite IT admin working alone doesn’t have a team of resources to answer questions or assist with out of the ordinary issues, or to work on special projects. If the person has no experience with an issue, the business can suffer downtime while trying to find someone to hire to resolve the issue.

In addition, the in-house IT Manager would need to do both the routine desktop support that requires only a couple of years of experience, and also do the IT planning that requires many years of experience. Do you pay the salary range of someone with only a couple of years of experience who doesn’t have the knowledge for out of the ordinary issues or IT planning? Or do you pay the higher salary range of someone who is overqualified for basic IT support? How can one IT admin do it all?

“Our model combines the best of both the traditional in-house IT employee and an MSP. “

Issues with a traditional MSP

Many companies hire a Managed Services Provider to handle their IT to try to overcome the issues of having only one IT employee on staff. Outsourcing enables them to access a fuller range of expertise and the latest technologies. MSPs do much of the work remotely and only send techs onsite to perform work that cannot be done remotely. However, many companies desire a physical presence and someone they can talk to onsite, things they cannot get from traditional Managed IT Services.

Why us? Get the Best of Both with OITM!

Our model combines the best of both the traditional in-house IT employee and an MSP. You get a dedicated full or part-time IT Manager who will work in your office to address any and all technology-related issues, and so much more. A typical support plan includes tech support and network administration provided by a full-time in-house tech, along with remote support when the tech is out, subject matter expertise provided by industry experts, a team of resources to answer questions, and meetings with a CTO with 20 plus years of experience to plan for your future IT needs. 

If your business needs specialized tech services, you don’t need to find contractors to do the work. You have the flexibility to add those services to your OITM plan. Outsourced IT Manager helps clients reach their objectives at the lowest possible cost, with the resources available to scale as needed. What’s more, your company doesn’t have to waste time and money for hiring and training, and you don’t have the overhead costs of an employee. In short, you get more for less!

Since launching, our firm has grown significantly, with clients throughout the East Coast. Our clients include law firms, financial service companies, architects, healthcare organizations, non-profits, wholesale manufacturing companies and ad agencies.

“The average cost of a bad hire is 30% of the employee’s first year earnings. For someone in a tech support position, this cost is compounded by the cost of IT mistakes.”

Don’t waste time and money, recruiting, hiring and training!

If you want to have an in-house tech, consider a big advantage of our Outsourced/In-Office model. You don’t need to waste time and money recruiting for an in-house IT support position!

When you contract with Outsourced IT Manager, we handle the recruiting, hiring and training for the role(s) to be filled. We know that it is expensive and time-consuming for a company to hire IT staff. To enumerate, think of the many factors contributing to the cost of hiring. They include your time, recruiting costs, onboarding and training, lost productivity due to lack of continuity of work, time to reach productivity of the previous employee, and errors when getting started. Gallup reported that the cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary – and that’s a conservative estimate. According to the Department of Labor, the average cost of a bad hire is 30% of the employee’s first year earnings. For someone in a tech support position, this cost is compounded by the cost of IT mistakes.

You can avoid these costs! The costs of hiring are absorbed by Outsourced IT Manager, even if down the road your dedicated IT Manager needs to be replaced. (Let’s face it, even with a good hire, employee turnover happens.) We keep records of your network so all of our techs working for you are familiar with your IT needs. We recruit, screen and train for the role(s), and since we have lots of experience hiring IT staff, we know what to look for. Instead of focusing on recruiting, your staff will be able to focus on what’s most important – running and growing your business!

Enjoy the benefits!

Enjoy the flexibility to add the services you need and to scale as needed. Appreciate the convenience of having backup techs to cover when your tech is out and of not needing to recruit for IT role(s). Benefit from the experience that you get from access to resources and a CTO with 20 plus years of experience. Outsourced IT Manager’s flexibility, convenience, and experience will improve the level of IT support that your users receive.


Why us? Receive an unparalleled level of service and applied know-how without the overhead costs of in-house IT staff.  

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