If your company wants to have IT staff working onsite at your office, consider the advantages of outsourced in-office over a direct hire.

Get more tech coverage and knowledge

With our outsourced in-office plan, your company gets immediate support provided by a dedicated in-house tech, just as you would with a direct hire. However, together with your onsite tech, you also get remote support or onsite coverage when your tech is out. You can customize a plan to have 24×7 coverage! What’s more, you have access to resources to provide subject matter expertise and a CTO with senior level experience to plan for your future IT needs. In addition, your company can increase coverage if your business grows and can remove the extra coverage when it is no longer needed. Outsourced IT Manager provides the flexibility for you to add techs to work on special projects, as well as to add IT Specialists to your plan to meet your company’s specific needs.

Save money

With an onsite tech from Outsourced IT Manager, there is no employee overhead: no cost for employee benefits, no cost for holidays, no social security, no workers comp. Moreover, your company does not have to waste time and money on recruiting, hiring and training. In addition, your company can take advantage of wholesale pricing on software, hardware and other materials. You can also use OITM equipment for testing. The cost savings add up!

Outsourced IT Manager helps you reach your objectives at the lowest possible cost, with the resources available to scale as needed. We take care of your whole IT network, including security, installations, configurations, backups, updates, desktop user issue, server maintenance, and planning for major network changes or upgrades. In short, you get more for less!

Our Outsourced/In-Office model – a whole list of advantages!

Cost Savings

  • Don’t need to pay for social security, workers comp, or employee benefits
  • Don’t need to pay for time off for holidays and sick days
  • Don’t need to recruit and hire additional employees for projects
  • Don’t need to pay the costs of recruiting, hiring and training new staff if there is employee turnover
  • Don’t need to pay for network lab equipment for testing
  • Get wholesale pricing on software, hardware and other materials


  • 100% coverage: 24/7 network support with remote help desk available when in-house tech is busy or away
  • Add to your customized package as your company scales and for specific projects. Then remove the services as the additional help is no longer needed.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Weekly, monthly or quarterly CTO meetings offer senior level experience and a larger skill set for planning for your IT needs including strategic technology planning, major network changes, upgrades and migrations, office moves or expansions, cabling projects, and other IT initiatives.
  • Access to a team of resources to answer questions and assist with out of the ordinary solutions
  • Access to IT Specialists and Industry Specialists to provide the specialty IT services that an in-house administrator cannot provide. Simply use hours from your existing support plan or add on specialty services at a lower hourly rate than you’d get from hiring separate consultants.


These are the advantages of outsourced in-office! Receive an unparalleled level of service and applied know-how without the overhead costs of in-house IT staff!

We offer flexible plans to meet your company’s needs.